Based on a Retailer’s approval to sell DYD/SSHC Products on public websites, the adherence to the following terms and conditions is expected:

  1. The public websites must not give the appearance that they are operated by DYD/SSHC or any third party.
  2. Anonymous sales are prohibited. The Retailer’s full legal name or registered fictitious name, mailing address, email address, and telephone contact must be stated conspicuously on the public websites and must be included with any shipment of Products from the public websites or in an order confirmation email delivered at the time of purchase.
  3. At DYD/SSHC’s request, the Retailer will reasonably cooperate in demonstrating and/or providing access to, and copies of, all web pages that comprise the public websites.
  4. The public websites shall have a mechanism for receiving customer feedback, and the Retailer shall use reasonable efforts to address all customer feedback and inquiries received in a timely manner. The Retailer agrees to provide copies of any information related to customer feedback (including any responses to customers) to DYD/SSHC for review upon request. The Retailer agrees to cooperate with DYD/SSHC in the investigation of any negative online review associated with Retailer’s sale of the Products and to use reasonable efforts to resolve any such reviews. Nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to require the Retailer to disclose identifying information about its customers to DYD/SSHC.
  5. The public websites shall be in compliance with all applicable privacy, accessibility, and data security laws, regulations, and industry standards.
  6. The Retailer shall be responsible for any applicable taxes associated with the purchases of Products through the public websites and any returns of Products.
  7. Unless separately authorized by DYD/SSHC in writing, the Retailer shall not use any third party fulfillment service to store inventory or fulfill orders for the Products. Under no circumstances shall the Retailer fulfill orders in any way that results in the shipped Product coming from stock other than Retailer’s.
  8. In marketing the Products on the public websites, the Retailer shall only use images of Products either supplied by or authorized by DYD/SSHC and shall keep all Product images and descriptions up to date. Retailer shall not advertise Products not carried in inventory.

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