Christy will remain CEO of our company. Over the past year, Dawn has been transitioning out of the company to focus on the Run Around Rescue Ranch, a vision that Christy and Dawn have had for a long time. Leslie will remain with the company in her current role of General Manager. The Diggin’ Your Dog & Super Snouts brand and team will remain intact. We are not going anywhere!

Our high quality products are something that Antelope is excited about. Antelope’s mission is to “revolutionize the pet industry”. Increasing transparency of production, ingredients, and supply chain is part of the vision.

Diggin’ Your Dog will continue to operate as an independent business, but with the added benefit of learning from the broader suite of Antelope’s resources and bringing in some of their values (which include putting people first, ahead of anything else, continuous improvement, learning, and balanced lives).

Yes, and our sales team is going to continue to grow. We’re excited for additional resources to support our loyal customers!

Antelope is a high caliber pet platform with a focus on high quality, natural pet products. The Antelope platform is backed by Alpine Investment, who is headed by Graham Weaver.

Bocce’s Bakery and Doggo Pet Insurance.

We believe there’s a great alignment between Antelope and Diggin’ Your Dog. The integrity and presence of these teams and brands is next to none and we are very excited to join a family of brands of this caliber. Antelope recognizes and respects the industry leading products we have developed, the culture, and is aligned with our vision for the future.

The #1 goal is to ensure the team is successful and able to continue to serve its customers day to day seamlessly. Antelope’s goals are inline with the goal that Christy, Dawn, and Leslie have set for the business to continue to develop innovative, industry leading, best in class products.

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